for your Remote Learner

The 2020/2021 school year is going to be anything but routine. With new announcements of remote learning coming almost daily on the Seacoast, so many parents are left uncertain about the quality of their child’s education this year and their own ability to do it all.

Will my child really be able to learn from behind a screen? 


Will she feel heard + seen by her new teachers?

Will he fall behind?

How can I support my student without it taking over my life?


Introducing the JSA

Seacoast Enrichment Program

We are a team of local private school educators who have been teaching + mentoring virtually for years. We have mastered the art of engagement on Zoom and we are committed to helping our local community this year.  Our virtual classrooms will consist of no more than 6 public school, remote-learning students, ranging from middle school to high school age. This is not a tutoring program. We will not be working in cooperation with your student’s teachers or their school curriculum. Instead, we will be providing your student with a piece of a private school education at a fraction of the cost. The goal of our mentorship is to instill intellectual curiosity in your child beyond what they are able to experience within the structure of the public school setting. Our work with them will supplement + enhance their education. We want to help you make lemonade out of a really trying year.

So what will our “classroom” look like? 

A Bridge to Harkness Learning  |  Education Beyond the Test


It will probably be a lot different than what your student is accustomed to experiencing. At JSA, we teach using the Harkness method. A philosophy originally developed at Phillips Exeter Academy, the Harkness method is the learning that happens when the teacher and students sit around one giant oval table and have a discussion. “It’s where you explore ideas as a group, developing the courage to speak, the compassion to listen and the empathy to understand. It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s a collaborative approach to problem solving and learning.” (Exeter Website) We use this Harkness method over Zoom, and when done correctly, it works brilliantly. We aren’t teaching them what to learn, we’re teaching them how to learn. More than anything else, we believe this style of learning teaches poise, because dialogue like this mimics real-life scenarios. You have to be able to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way when placed in a Harkness-centered environment. There’s no hiding. This education above the standardized test will prepare your student for a natural transition to college and beyond.


Who is JSA Education?

We are a team of faculty. John, Randi, and Jackie will be teaching one course offering each trimester. We will all get to know your child at a personal level and communicate with each other about what kind of learner your student is.


Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 3.28.11 PM.png

Will my student be graded?

No. Like private schools, we are not bound to the state’s core curriculum.



Will my student get credit for these classes?

No. We are not an accredited school. We are simply three experienced, qualified educators who have worked in the private school sector for a combined total of 31 years. We come from St. Paul’s, St. Mark’s, and Groton. The idea is to turn the disruption of this school year into a positive experience. A mentorship with us will allow your student to experience something new and unfamiliar, pushing them outside of their comfort zone. Without the pressure of grades and credits, it will allow everyone to succeed. 

So what does my student "get" out of this then?

We want to implore you to think outside of the box. Our country's education system has taught us that grades and test scores are what matter most, and we are here to argue otherwise. We want to work with your child on their soft skills. We want them to take ownership of their education. What interests them the most? How do they build agency in their education and develop a sense of self? As this mindset matures, it prepares your student to become a contributing member of society. We think these experts have hit the nail on the head:

To read more about these studies, check out this article from the Atlantic: Curiosity is a Unique Marker of Academic Success: Schools Are Missing What Matters About Learning.

Sounds great! How does it work?

Each trimester will last for 9 weeks. 

Each program will meet once/week for 1 hour via Zoom. 

The day of the week will be determined after our classes are filled so that we can secure a day + time that works best with every student’s schedule. 

Because we know your student will be completing their own school work as well, no extensive homework will be assigned in between class sessions. If anything, we will ask them to watch a movie or to read a poem. But we will always keep it fun. Nothing to pass in. The learning will happen during our sessions. 


Trimester 1

October 12 - December 18 

(no session week of Thanksgiving)


Trimester 2

January 4 - March 12 

(no session week of NH February vacation)


Trimester 3

March 22 - May 26 

(no session week of NH April vacation)

Trimester 1 Offerings


A Hero’s Journey with John



Since the traditional classic Greek tales, we have been shown that the definition of a “hero” includes ups + downs, successes + failures, adversity + resilience. In this class, we will put a modern twist on it, looking at contemporary film, tv, and literature. We will discuss what it means to be a hero, what characteristics make up a hero, and if our perception of the term is accurate.

Wellness Toolkit with Randi

Positive Psychology + Wellness


Pandemic got you all out of sorts? You’re not alone. Students everywhere are struggling to adapt to a variety of new academic models. What specifically is challenging about your situation? How do we embrace the “new normal?" Students will work collaboratively to help each other develop individualized wellness “toolkits” while learning how to validate and support one another’s experiences. We will examine various forms of evidence-based practices that enhance mood, stress levels, energy and other physiological as well as psychological factors. Students will identify what makes them flourish as learners and humans, and take concrete steps toward increasing their general well-being through the development of their toolkits.

Tell Your Story with Jackie

Creative Writing


So what’s your story? Think it’s boring? Think you don’t have anything interesting to say? We will work through a series of exercises that will help us discover that there’s beauty in the mundane, and even the seemingly insignificant moments of your life can carry a lot of meaning. Everyone has a story worth telling. You may just not know it yet. 


Other comparable virtual summer courses from prep schools in the area ranged from $800 - $4,500. We are committed to make this level of education affordable during these tumultuous times.

Your Investment

for the JSA Enrichment Program

$675 for one class

$1,250 for two

$1,735 for all three


Private sessions are also available. If you are interested, please state that in the form below and we will get back to you with pricing options.