Your Investment

At JSA, we are committed to affordability. In a country where the socioeconomic disparities are continuing to perpetuate systemic barriers for children and families in education (and elsewhere), we want to do our part to contribute to a more equitable society. What drives our work is helping people gain access to new educational opportunities and collaborating with our clients to find a financially appropriate option. 


Navigating the independent school landscape can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to financing the application fees, required tests, and enrollment tuition. JSA seeks to make your process more comprehensively manageable, which includes offering financing flexibility to any clients who are interested in alternative pricing. We care about people, not transactions. 


For those families who are looking for ways to show support in extending our services broadly, there is a donation option available at various stages throughout the contract timeline. Choosing to invest in another family is a fantastic way to show your support for those who battle, daily, against structural and systematic barriers to education.